Full D7 McNamee and Rubinstein Interview Posted

Ruby Rodg D7 Back in late May about a week before the official launch of the Palm Pre, Palm and Elevation Exec's Jon Rubinstein and Roger McNamee sat down for a candid interview session at the D7 All Things Digital Conference. Previously only a short clip of highlights was available and now the full session has been made available online. You can now watch the full discussion, embedded here after the break, as well as over at AllThingsD.

The 52 minute video opens with the McNamee commercial parody and includes a conversation of the pair with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher during the last day of D7. The interview generated a lot of buzz as the two discussed the Palm situation and showed off many of the Pre's features and merits.

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best quotes

Gekko @ 7/13/2009 2:19:37 PM # Q

"Wait a minute. We've stopped innovating. We're shipping bricks! We've got to get back into the game!" Ed Colligan

"You don't get back into the game a couple degrees at a time." - Roger McNamee

"Our goal is to make them chase us." - Roger McNamee

RE: best quotes
LiveFaith @ 7/13/2009 8:50:01 PM # M Q
When did Ed make this statement ... in 2004? C'mon, there is no way that the ''light just came on'' for the guy in the past couple a years. Unless he was on secluded vacation, he like anyone close to the tech planet knew they were shipping bricks. Why do we believe these people, ever?
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