Palm Drops Price of GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition 2

In light of the recent release of its new GPS Navigator 3 Smartphone kit, Palm has made two moves to clear out the stock of the older but still excellent GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition 2. Palm has quietly cut the price of their current GPS Navigator 2 kit on its store by $22 down to $278. Palm is also offering a $50 mail-in rebate to customers who purchase the kit from the online store, giving it an effective final price of $228 + shipping. The price drop + rebate offer is being flaunted on the front page of, so this is an encouraging sign that Palm is trying to clear out inventory of the older bundle to make way for its successor. The same unit is also currently available from the PIC store for $249.

Palm has also released an update that allows the Navigator 2 kit to work with the Treo 680 and 750.

A review of the Palm GPS Navigator 2 kit can be found here.

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