T-Mobile Now Carrying Treo 600 In Stores

palmOne today announced that T-Mobile USA, Inc. is now selling the award-winning Treo 600 smartphone in its retail stores as well as through authorized dealers nationwide.

In February, T-Mobile began selling the Treo 600 smartphone through T-Mobile's direct business sales channels, select value-added resellers and online. Based on the popularity of the Treo 600 smartphone among T-Mobile business customers, and growing demand from mobile professionals and consumers, T-Mobile has expanded its distribution of the Treo 600 smartphone, so more T-Mobile customers can enjoy the benefits of the groundbreaking smartphone.

"Based on the popularity of the Treo 600 with our business customers, offering the Treo 600 smartphone at retail stores was a natural progression," said Scott Ballantyne, vice president of business services marketing for T-Mobile USA, Inc. "We continue to see increasing demand among our retail customers for a converged device that takes full advantage of T-Mobile's all-digital, voice and data networks, and we're delighted to offer the Treo 600 smartphone as a choice for those customers."

Customers who activate a Treo 600 smartphone with T-Mobile under a qualifying rate plan can take advantage of all of the device's wireless data-enabled features, such as email, web browsing and messaging capability.T-Mobile Treo 600 smartphone customers can get unlimited data usage, eliminating the need to count megabytes, so they can accurately budget their wireless expenditures.

"The Treo 600 smartphone continues to gain momentum as carriers like T-Mobile expand their distribution to serve more customers with the smartphone's powerful combination of features that keep mobile professionals in touch on the go," said Ken Wirt, senior vice president, worldwide marketing, palmOne.

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Whew! It took long enough!

hkklife @ 8/26/2004 3:25:52 PM #
So now all of the "biggies" are carrying the Treo 600 other than Nextel and Alltel, right? With this extended rollout out of the way, let's start really hoping that the Treo Ace/610 appears soonish.

On a related note, anyone here have a Verizon Moto V710 and a BT-enabled Palm? A how-to guide might be nice for PIC. Anyone want to contribute some info?

RE: Whew! It took long enough!
LiveFaith @ 8/26/2004 4:33:07 PM #
T-mobile coverage in Chattanooga about as good as UHF TV channels. I had to walk away from them, but I absolutely loved their plans. GPRS data at no extra, just minutes was awesome 4 my T3 + S/E T610. But when you get coverage 40-50% of the area, not at your home and only 50% at the T-mobile store, you gotta move on. Too bad. Hope the other cities are better.

Pat Horne; www.churchoflivingfaith.com
RE: Whew! It took long enough!
hkklife @ 8/26/2004 9:38:36 PM #
I have to admit, the Verizon V710 + T3 combo, if you can live with the power drain on both devices, is quite sweet. I am awaiting the big firmware update for the 710 and the release of the extended battery for it. That should tide me over until the T4 is out...hopefully! You still cannot beat Verizon coverage, especially when heading off the interstate in rural areas!

Show Time

vesther @ 8/29/2004 12:30:17 AM #
Good thing T-Mobile is now getting their hands dirty on some Palm-Powered seriousness--let's hope that T-Mobile stores will attract more Palm-Powered business using souls from this point on.

Intel PXA27X, Motorola's ARM Processor, or Texas Instruments OMAP? Pick one Palm Enthusiasts, the choice should be yours. When handheld makers make you choose the ARM Processor, you win.

Best Thing About This Is...

riverbruce @ 8/31/2004 11:12:23 AM #
The best thing about this move is being able to go immediately down to my T-Mobile store and get a replacement on the spot rather than waiting 6 weeks like I did last time. Good move T-Mobile.

"Up the creek...Try the River!"


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