m100 to be Bundled with Day-Timer

Day-Timers, Inc. and Palm, Inc. today announced an agreement to sell Palm products bundled with Day-Timer products. Under the agreement, Palm will provide Day-Timers with m100 handhelds that will be combined with Day-Timer paper and software products in a value-priced DTO Bundle, which is available immediately through Target Superstores nationwide, or the Day-Timer catalog for $179.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 12/1/2000 1:56:29 PM #
I saw this bundle in our local Target store in Milwaukee better than four weeks ago. Neat idea overall, but a bit odd to see a $180 device in a blister pack.

What's the point?

GregGaub @ 12/1/2000 6:26:12 PM #
Isn't the whole point of a PDA/Palm to ELIMINATE the need for a paper planner? I mean... I guess this could "ease the transition" for someone who's been using a paper planner for years, but they're STILL going to be killing trees to do it. If you ask me, people who use planners should get Palms, and switch cold-turkey. Not only would it force them to learn how to use the thing ASAP (instead of only doing one thing, and taking years to learn anything new) but it would save a tree in the process.
For crying out loud, stop wasting paper, and stop encouraging people to buy Palms AND waste paper. Sheesh.

RE: What's the point?
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/4/2000 8:41:53 AM #
I do not have an answer. It does look like a weird couple. When I saw the bundle in a store, the first thing which came to mind was "hey, I got a better deal... $149 and no stupid planner, which I 1. alredy have, and 2. do not use, cuz it's big..."

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Gregg @ 12/4/2000 8:28:54 PM #
I saw the m 100/day-timer "Kit" @ my local Target about a month ago so this really isn't "news" to me. What I want to know is, Why the heck would you buy an m100 with it's dinky screen for $179 when you can get a IIIe for $150 ($130 with the current rebates)? Go figure!


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