Palm Fixes HotSync Problems with Windows 2000

Palm has released an upgrade to the Palm Desktop to solve the HotSync problems many Windows 2000 users have complained about, especially the inability to sync via infrared. The upgrade also fixes a problem in which some Win2K computers may not undock properly if an older version of the HotSync manager is running and it corrects the problem in which the PC may lock up if the HotSync Manager is running and the cradle is connected to the computer.

If you install this upgrade, please share your experiences with the rest of us.

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Visor compatible?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 12:55:36 PM #
Has anyone tried this with Handspring's Visor? Or is only for Palm Hardware? It would be nice if Palm would post any incompatibilities now that they are licensing their os to other hardware vendors.

RE: Visor compatible?
Admin @ 9/26/2000 1:42:32 PM #
HandSpring does have a win2000 compatible version of the Palm Desktop. It uses their special drivers for the USB hotsync. It would be nice if there was just a unified version of the Palm Desktop, now there are 3 different ones for Palm, HandSpring and Sony.

PalmInfocenter webmaster

Hotsync problems with Windows ME!

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 2:14:44 PM #
Has anyone else had hotsync problems with Windows ME? After upgrading my home desktop OS to ME, Palm Hotsync Manager won't recognize any of my COM ports anymore! I think I am using the latest version (Hotsync Manager 3.1.0 that came with my Palm IIIc I just got two weeks ago). Now I can only sync with my PC at work running Windows 95. I have e-mailed support at Palm about this but have yet to receive a reply...

RE: Hotsync problems with Windows ME!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 3:42:33 PM #
I upgraded to Win ME 3 days ago and have not encountered any HotSync problems. Those of you who have, did you install Win ME on a clean drive? I installed the full version over 98 which already had HotSync running. This would be useful info for next time I have to do a format.

RE: Hotsync problems with Windows ME!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 5:05:26 PM #
I have installed WinME as a clean install. Everything worked fine. But on the same week, I have experienced Blue Screen Of Deaths (BSOD) maybe 5 times already with this new OS. I never had one with W2K, and I've been using that since January.

Try installing the Palm Desktop after uninstalling it first. Then Hotsync, it might just work. Good luck.

RE: Hotsync problems with Windows ME!
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 5:58:43 PM #
My Win ME upgrade was over a Win 98 system with Palm Desktop and Hotsync already working fine. After ME was installed though, Hotsync Manager could not find any of my open COM ports (only COM 3 that my modem was on). Windows Device manager says COM 1 and COM 2 are working fine. The first thing I tried was uninstalling Palm Desktop and then re-installing, but no change-- same problem... Any other ideas out there? I appreciate the input so far. Thanks!

RE: Hotsync problems with Windows ME!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/4/2000 11:41:37 AM #
I have the same problem. I have been IR Hotsync 'ing between my Gateway 9300 laptop to my Palm Vx for months using Win 98. I upgraded to Windows ME and it no longer works. I talked with Palm support and they told me they currently do not work with Windows ME. Very frustrated Palm customer :(

RE: Hotsync problems with Windows ME!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/7/2000 12:20:02 PM #
*** UPDATE ***

I figured out the problem with the Windows ME - Palm Vx IR Hotsync error I was getting since upgrading from Windows 98 to Windows ME. To fix the error, I turned off ALL of the Wireless Link option so that the application does NOT pop up on the screen. Now, I can IR Hotsync again. It appears that this new windows tool blocks the Palm hotsync from working.

RE: Hotsync problems with Windows ME!
paulharrison57 @ 4/1/2003 12:34:08 PM #
Disabling all the options in the 'Wireless Link' dialog box also works in Windows XP Home Edition.

Installed successfully

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 6:02:53 PM #
I had no problems running the upgrade on my Dell Inspiron (Win2000). I did need to turn on the IR port in the p.c. BIOS, but other than that it worked just like the install instructions on the Palm page said.

Boosting the COM1 port speed in HotSync Manager to 115200 makes my syncs as fast as using the cradle. This is great since I leave my cradle at work and currently use a HotSync cable on my laptop. Now I can IR sync while the Palm is charging with the travel charger.

RE: Installed successfully
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 7:22:19 PM #

I'm going to try using the ir hotsync on a Dell Inspiron 3800. What are the detailed steps for setting it up?

So far the Windows ME has not been a problem for cradle hotsyncing. I'm using the Datebook 4 over a Franklin calendar.

RE: Installed successfully
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2000 6:56:56 AM #
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It works!

abenedict @ 9/26/2000 8:39:34 PM #
I downloaded the fix today and I now have Hotsync capabilites via IR on Windows 2000. I'm very pleased.

Excellent, it worked but .....

Ferd @ 9/27/2000 11:24:18 AM #
.... I found the rest of the system went jerky a certain parts of the HotSync. I'm gonna play with settings a bit more, but I thought I'd share this result first.

Still, it's great that it works.

[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2000 5:31:46 PM #

Palm Desktop Updater Breaks Pocket Quicken

Ed @ 11/16/2000 1:25:37 PM #
The following just appeared on PalmGear:

The new Palm Desktop Updater ( breaks LandWare's Pocket Quicken.
The problem is a lack of backwards compatibility in PALM41.DLL and Pocket Quicken.

The symptom is a Windows Illegal Operation Error message when the Pocket Quicken conduit becomes active during a HotSync. When the IEA is acknowldged, the HotSync completes normally, except that PQ does not synchronize. The following error appears in the HotSync Manager log: "Conduit 'Pocket Quicken' Error: Unknown error. (FFFF)" .

This is similar to problems experienced with PumaTech's Intellisync Lotus Organizer conduit, and with Pendragon Forms.

Replacing the exisiting PALM41.DLL with a a backward-compatible version appears to resolve the problem. You can get a backward-compatible version of PALM41.DLL from PumaTech: . Simply copy it over the existing PALM41.DLL, found in your Palm software folder.

While LandWare has yet to address this issue, applying PumaTech's fix to a LandWare Pocket Quicken problem apparently causes no undesireable side effects.

Palm Infocenter

Your link needs to be updated to the link below

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/6/2001 6:55:07 PM #

synch problem with Pendragon and WinXP

maggie_ja @ 11/14/2002 2:40:33 PM #
I am having a problem with the synchronization while using Pendragon and a Sony Clie handheld. Does anyone know of a fix? Also, the link named "upgrad" for the same problem and Win2000 does not work. Thanks.

Not a bit of luck so far.

IIIxe User @ 12/16/2002 12:46:21 PM #
No luck with the fix or anything else in getting IR Hotsync to work for me. I have a Dell Inspiron 800 which I have recently upgraded (?) from Windows ME to Win 2000 pro and lost the IR hotsync ability. Interestingly enough the Dell has a BIOS seting that lets me choose between Fast IR and Slow IR and I was always able to get hotsync to work just fine with ME if the BIOS setting was Slow IR. Apparently Win 2K only considers the IR port to be a Fast IR port and I can't find any way to override this in the software (BIOS still says Slow IR by the way). I've gottan all the latest drivers and the Hotsync patch talked about here, still no luck.
Nobody has been much help on this one. Dell won't help me because I am no longer using the OS that came with the computer despite the fact that I could have bought it with Win 2K, Palm's online tech support answers my questions with idiotic replies like "be sure your IR port is enabled" (it IS by the way....sheeeez) and their phone support refuses to talk to me unless I pay them $25.
If thats all the help avaialble from major companies when someone has a problem I'm about to just throw my Palm in the garbage.



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