Shortages Hobble Sales of Palm VIIx But m100 Doing Well

Palm admitted yesterday that they aren't going to be able to make nearly as many of their new Palm VIIx handhelds as they had planned, blaming this on its supplier who will not be able to deliver enough of two necessary chips.

However, Carl Yankowski, Palm CEO, reported strong sales of the m100. "Early market research indicates we've tapped into the student population in a very big way," he said.

Palm's CFO Judy Bruner told analysts after earnings were released that her company is also experiencing other component shortages, although in general, the supply situation is improving. However, she warned that it would be at least another three to six months, if not nine months, before supply of all components fully meets demand. "We believe we are doing just as well, if not better, than others in our industry at securing components," Ms. Bruner said.

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M100 sales?

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 4:37:29 PM #
I think he means they've tapped into the stupid population not the student popualtion regarding M100 sales.

RE: M100 sales?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 5:09:56 PM #
Why is that? Don't believe the hype, it's a very good device for what you get. And don't tell me the Visor is better once again. If you really saw one of these, you could see how cheap looking it looks in every color. Without a supply of Springboards, it's as good as the old Palmpilots were or Palm III.

I thought the m100 was ugly and cheap. But my wife loves using it b/c it's a basic PDA just like the previous Palms. Hey we all bought those and didn't complain. Maybe the new visors will be better and when the supply of springboards become more available, then only can someone say clearly that the m100 is a flop.

RE: M100 sales?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/26/2000 5:44:46 PM #
Ya no kidding. I used to have Palm IIIxe and I upgraded to a Visor Deluxe now and it's tons tons better. The hotsyncs are about five times as fast, the springboard will make sure they won't go obsolete as fast, they come with a clip on lid which unlike the Palm III lid won't lift up when it's falling and thus breaking the screen (trust me i know) and even the stylus is of higher quality. Besides who really wants to pay $20 for OS3.5 or god knows how much more for OS 4.0 so flash eprom is not that great.

RE: M100 sales?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2000 10:22:26 AM #
Don't be so quick to dismiss the M100. Like all handheld computers, it has good and bad qualities:


- The screen is smaller and reflects glare more than the PalmV. It's easier to read than a PalmIII, but harder than the PalmV.
- There is no expansion slot.
- Looks like a toy (as opposed to the sleek, professional look of the PalmV... if that's important to you).


- M100 has plastic digitizer (much harder to break)
- M100 fits in pocket nicely (very small and weighs on 4.4 oz... Visor and PalmIII are a little too large, PalmV also fits in pocket but is fragile).
- Clock app, notepad app, and agenda view in Datebook are all great.
- Alarm is louder.
- Flip cover (with clock window) works very well.
- Using AAA batteries offers more flexibility than non-removable batteries (like PalmV and some CE units).
- The case uses Torx T5 screw to open (no glue to mess around with). Memory chips are $35. So, it's cheap to upgrade to 8MB (and fairly easy if you are willing to learn how to solder, which really isn't hard).
- M100 costs $110 at or $120 at (using coupons from Both places have free shipping ( is only free shipping until Friday; Staples is free all the time). PalmIIIe is same price (but out of production). Cheapest Visor with hotsync ability is $30 more.


The M100 isn't for everyone. If you find the small screen annoying or need expansion don't get it. But there are many good things about it, and it's at a great price. I've owned an HP200lx, Pilot1000, PalmIII, PalmV, and now an M100.

RE: M100 sales?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2000 1:44:52 PM #
Please! No more Palm vs. Visor crap. I have a Visor. I have a Palm. They both have individual strengths and weaknesses. But they are more similar than not. It isn't like we are comparing iPaqs to a Palm PDA. Just purchase and use whatever suits your needs and quit trying to convert people or prove that you made a better choice than everyone else.

RE: M100 sales?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/27/2000 5:44:26 PM #
I wasn't knocking the Visor (I posted the long winded "review" of the M100). The only thing I said was the Visor and PalmIII are a little too large to fit nicely in a pocket. The Visor is a good device in its many other ways.

Re. m100 sales?

Paul U. @ 10/3/2000 4:31:34 PM #
I must be one of the stupid ones then... I have had my m100 for about a month and I love it. Best purchase I ever made!
I have read negative comments re. the small screen -- I think that is one of it's best features.

I am a professional in management at a large telecommunications company & I use my m100 for all my day to day stuff. I highly recommend one.



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