Barksdale Leaves the Board of Palm

Former Netscape CEO James Barksdale has left the Board of Directors of Palm Inc. to spend more time managing his venture capital group, The Barksdale Group. He joined the board in September 1999 after being a 3Com board member since 1997. He is being replaced by Jean-Jacques Damlamian, a group executive vice president for France Telecom, where he is responsible for technology innovation as well as its corporate strategy, research and development, and information systems.

Damlamian has more than 30 years experience in the global telecommunications business and has been a driving force establishing the earliest GSM networks and personal communications services in Europe and the development of Internet services in France Telecom.

France Telecom is one of the world's leading telecommunications operators and has operations in more than 75 countries.

"Jean-Jacques brings a European perspective on mobile communications, and a depth of business and technical expertise in the telecom industry that are vital to Palm's immediate and long-term growth,'' said Eric Benhamou, Palm chairman of the board. "We look forward to his leadership and influence as we drive Palm strategy into new and growing markets around the world.''

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