New PalmModem Coming Soon

You might have noticed that the 14.4 Kbps PalmModem has gotten hard to find. The Palm Online Store no longer carries it and neither do most retailers. However, without any fanfare, a notice has appeared that Palm is developing a faster version. Details are very scanty, including how fast it will be, the release date, and the price. They do say it will work on the entire Palm III series.

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Palm III Modems

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 4:49:54 PM #
I have already talked to Palm about this since my company wants to test them....
A Palm III modem was scheduled to come out on June 1, which got pushed back to July 1, which has now been reset to the end of August....
It will be a 33.6 Kbps model and go for $129.95.
RE: Palm III Modems
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 8:19:59 AM #
Did you company test the modems?
RE: Palm III Modems
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 11:48:39 AM #
Not yet....We can't get the old model, so we are having to wait on the new one to become available...We are going to purchase a 33.6 model when we can find one.
RE: Palm III Modems=3com morons
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/7/2000 8:47:33 AM #
This is the company that is going to make all Palms wireless? First they come out with a $50 software only "wireless package" that does nothing new, now they can't even design and manufacture a simple modem. Isn't this the company that bought U.S. Robotocis and all their modem technology?. Thats some real hot engineering talent they've got! I see it still this oversized box as well. The people who designed the Palm V modem must have quit in disgust.

Parallel Port Speed @ 7/5/2000 6:00:52 PM #
Does anyone know the maximum speed of the Palm's parallel port? I thought it was fairly slow.


RE: Parallel Port Speed
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/5/2000 6:50:30 PM #
WELL. The speed of the parallel port on the Palm is ZERO, nada, none.
The speed on the serial port is 115200 max.
RE: Parallel Port Speed @ 7/5/2000 10:03:43 PM #
I was just testing you. Congrats, you passed with flying colors. ; - )
RE: Parallel Port Speed
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/6/2000 2:25:53 PM #
HAH ... I was going to reply to that with the same thing ... but I figured eh i shouldn't waste my time on a dumbass ;)
RE: Cowards
Hared Crucol @ 7/6/2000 2:50:52 PM #
You're mighty brave in cyberspace, but I notice neither one of you is smart enough to remember what your name is. And you don't appear to have a very strong grasp on punctuation, either. Well, I guess you aren't totally useless: you could always serve as a source of spare internal organs. Nah, you'd probably screw that up, too.

RE: Serial Port Speed @ 7/6/2000 3:03:38 PM #
Gosh dude, thanks for flaming me over a simple mistake. I'm sorry to have irritated someone who is clearly perfect and has never made a single mistake in your entire lives. Lighten up, you'll live a lot longer.


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