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With the latest release from Earthcomber, travelers with smart phones and PDAs can wirelessly retrieve free maps and data over-the-air, giving mobile users a convenient way to explore their surroundings for places that would make their trips complete.
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SoS @ 8/28/2006 10:19:37 AM # Q
'Earth' meaning the US.....??

I'm sure things were easier before they became more simple

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RE: earthcomber??
moofie @ 8/28/2006 2:52:46 PM # Q
You're right. Products should never hit the market until they are fully functional in every country on Earth. And free.

Geez...they say they don't have international data yet. What do you want for free?

RE: earthcomber??
ChiA @ 8/28/2006 7:14:31 PM # Q
Well if they have data for only one country of the 180+ in the world they've not exactly combed the Earth have they?

This company seems to have delusions of grandeur.

What would you think if Continental Airlines was a single plane airline that flew once a week between Newark and Dulles or IBM (INTERNATIONAL Business Machines) was a Mom and Pop shop that sold typewriters in some remote corner of North Dakota?

If they're bold enough to call themselves Earthcomber then they should be bold enough to live up to their name.

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RE: earthcomber??
joad @ 8/29/2006 2:00:03 AM # Q
Maybe they are combing the earth, but have a bald spot. You can technically be combing your hair even if your entire head isn't covered with hair.

Point taken that they aren't covering 100% of the land mass of earth, at least not yet. But the "combing" function is basically meant to refer to grabbing relevant POIs in the maps that they *do* offer.

The program has hiccups, but it's getting really powerful and you can't argue too much with the price - getting 100% of the maps from counties in every state in the Union for free is certainly something to celebrate. Especially when you look at all the developers seeking $15 bucks for simple "one trick pony" utilities.

I'm really encouraged by the quality of this program and the excellent support I've seen from the developers. After enduring Vindigo's nearly complete failure over the past 5 years or so to improve what was once a promising application, watching innovation like this makes me glad to own a Palm.

RE: earthcomber??
hkklife @ 8/29/2006 10:03:44 AM # Q

Is that the ONLY thing that still makes you glad to be owning a Palm?


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RE: earthcomber??
cdunworth @ 8/29/2006 2:38:29 PM # Q
Hi -- my name is Chris Dunworth, and I'm one of the Earthcomber engineers. I'd like to jump in on this discussion, if I could.

We get this criticism very frequently ("earth" != "US"), and it is 100% valid. Our name reflects our vision and intentions, more so than our starting point. We're working very hard to make the software and service a success, and intend to expand coverage as we go. There are obstacles enough to making it a success in our own backyard (i.e. the US -- we're based out of Chicago), so we recognize that we still have much work ahead of us.

If you do live in the US, or are planning to travel there, I hope you consider giving it a try. If not, it is my sincere hope that we will be servicing your home town sooner, rather than later.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Kind Regards,
Chris Dunworth
Earthcomber Engineer

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