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Motricity (formerly PowerByHand) has announced the best selling applications from its mobile online properties. The report lists the top Palm OS software on and
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1st Post

skytraveler @ 11/4/2004 4:53:14 PM #
I'm surprised Datebook 5 is not higher. I could not live without that tool.

The SkyTraveler

pocket Tunes

Hal2000 @ 11/4/2004 8:34:48 PM #
NormSoft has really made some waves.

2.128 gigs under the hood.

Chess Software...

GordonMcKinney @ 11/5/2004 4:06:33 AM #
I know everyone has their favourites but a new player on the Palm scene that's well known to PC users is HiArcs. I've played Chess Tiger and Chess Genius and liked them both very much however I prefer the more 'human play' of HiArcs.

I'm not affiliated with the software in anyway, just a tip for anyone who likes a good game of chess on the morning train.


Gordon McKinney


mikecane @ 11/5/2004 8:13:11 AM #
It's obvious being used for video only. I finally tried its MP3 feature and was astonished to find there are MP3s it won't even *list* -- and therefore won't/can't play. These same MP3s show up and play with Pocket Tunes just fine.

RE: MMPlayer
Altema @ 11/5/2004 12:29:26 PM #
PocketTunes recognizes a wider variety of bitrates and formats. MMPlayer is still in beta. I have version 0.2.13p1 and it reads all my Mp3's just fine, so it may be a problem peculiar to your files.

RE: MMPlayer
mikecane @ 11/7/2004 1:10:03 PM #
I came back to correct my Comment. MMPlayer's file selection strangely does not work with the TE's down button. And there is too much white space at the bottom of a list, leading me to think that was the entire list. I didn't realize I had to use the scrollbar to see all the files. This SHOULD be fixed!



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