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Landware has recently updated two of their applications for the new year. New versions of the Wine Enthusiast Guide and the Leonard Maltin Movie & Video Guide for Palm Powered Handhelds have been released.
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Maltin's Movie & Video Guide 2004

Alex_Lorenzo @ 1/15/2004 4:04:31 PM #
Maltin's Movie & Video Guide 2004 is not really an update, at least it looks the same as I purchased last december. The version history lists only one version in the Landware site. Did I miss anything?

RE: Maltin's Movie & Video Guide 2004
JonathanChoo @ 1/16/2004 6:00:49 PM #
Yes both are not updates. I downloaded the two apps from Landware after I saw this news but when I compared it the files I downloaded in December its the same. This is old news.

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Movie Guide is Buggy

Quik_Fix @ 1/16/2004 4:11:01 PM #
I tried it out for serveral days and it crashes when you do specific things in the program involving changing the date for returning a movie to the video store and changing its status. When I contacted Landware, they replied that they knew about it and that they contacted the developer with that and some other bugs. I assume this new release is to fix the bugs that occurred with very common tasks. I was SO close to buying it, but unless they repair the crashes, Its un-useable. I hope they have; its a really good program.

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