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To date, HP's MediaSmart Home Server line has been one of the more popular and highly-acclaimed entries in the relatively niche world of home server box solutions. Regardless, is reporting that HP has discontinued their MediaSmart server line in order to reallocate resources to WebOS. Specifically, "shifting additional resources to focus on webOS initiatives".

Note that this does not mean a WebOS-powered compact server; rather, the MediaSmart Server team is being reassigned to work on the presumed bevy of WebOS devices in a variety of form factors promised by HP and Palm throughout 2010. HP's Personal Systems group, headed by Todd Bradley oversees the company's WebOS and mobility products as well as PC-related product lines including MediaSmart servers.

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Reallocation of resources

VampireLestat @ 12/19/2010 3:14:24 AM # Q
HP is diverting resources to WebOS development.
They appear to be serious about getting things done right.

I think I will become a past time developer of WebOS apps.
I was just watching Palm's developer day in NYC 2010 and development seems fairly simple.

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